This too shall pass - leather bracelet

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Let's face it; life is f-ing weird right now. And sometimes you need something small to remind you that even these worse moments will go by.

This leather bracelet holds the quote 'This too shall Pass' to wear against your skin, helping you out just a tiny bit extra on those days where life makes things extra rough for you. The words are invisible to anyone else, making it apear as if you are wearing just a cool real leather bracelet.

The brown or grey outside leather is a calm and neutral tone that won't attract any attention, and it's 2cm width makes it small enough to dissapear between other jewelery.

By making a set of 100 bracelets in a few days together with my husband, I can donate my time; 1/3 of the money made from these bracelets will be donated to the Take This organisation. Hopefuly we can all help more people this way.

The leather is soft on the skin and the snap nickle free. The brown and grey leather comes in random hues but is always stitched with a sand coloured thread.