Corridor Expansion Pack

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Due to time issues, we decided to pull the painted option from all terrain. Terrain is now unpainted by default. Tiles are printed in black, painted terrain in the images is just for illustration!

Estimated crafting time: 1-3 weeks (depending on order size)

This is an expansion pack with various tiles to build corridors between rooms, its size makes it ideal for use with the L and XL Pack. Each tile has the wall on the side of the square instead of on the square itself, providing enough room to place a 25mm base mini in a usually tight space.

The set contains:

  • 16x Extra Wide - Wall tile.
  • 8x Extra Wide - Corridor tile.
  • 8x Extra Wide - Corner tile.
  • 4x Extra Wide - Niche Corner tile.
  • 4x Floor tile.

    Please note that the Extra Wide tiles are specifically build for corridors or outer walls of a dungeon, as the protruding walls mess with the normal 25mm grid. The beveled corners do allow these tiles to fit together (see images), but have a small downside that there is a bit of a gap between straight connecting walls.

    As usual each tile has a small magnet in the bottom, so you can use a thin metal sheet or even a magnetic whiteboard as a base. 

    Tiles are printed in black PLA+ with a rough surface, which makes dry brushing an absolute breeze, even without a primer.

    This pack has an 5% discount compared to buying the pieces separately!