Undead King Dice Bag

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The Undead King sits in his castle, overlooking the valley where the doomed village lies sleeping. Which courageous adventurers will attempt to enter his domain and end his reign of evil?

Inspired heavily by the original artwork for Castlevania, this vampire design is filled with small details that tell the story of the villain. Red and grey leather both make for a stunning background for this handmade dice bag. The lid doubles as a sturdy triple layer dice tray, and the strap can be removed so you can set the bag on the table without issue. 

The bag is stitched completely by hand, made with sturdy materials and finished with a protective layer of resolene. The magnetic lock that keeps the lid down is set in such a way that metal dice won't be influenced when rolling in the dice tray. Each optional dice compartment can hold 8 sets of 7 standard sized polyhedral dice!