Cavern Duo-Pack

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Due to time issues, we decided to pull the painted option from all terrain while we're working on the Caster Compendium. Terrain is now unpainted by default. Tiles are printed in black, painted terrain in the images is just for illustration!

Double the tiles of the regular Cavern pack with a 10% discount, for a total of 176 Cavern tiles:

  • 64x Corner tiles (32 "Inner", 32 "Outer")
  • 32x Floor singles
  • 8x Floor (2 by 2 tiles)
  • 64x Wall tiles
  • 8x Stalagmite tiles

Each piece is 25mm by 25mm and has a small magnet in the bottom, so you can use a thin metal sheet or even a magnetic whiteboard as a base. 

Tiles are printed in black PLA+ with a rough surface, which makes dry brushing an absolute breeze, even without a primer.