HP Trackers - Set of 6, 9, or 12 - KS

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A set of 6, 9 or 12 HP Trackers to track enemy HP with! They each range from value 0 to 499, where the rotating dials denote 0-99 and the sliding magnet denotes the 100s. The little magnet is set into a groove (with 5 magnets on the other side), which makes it pretty difficult to remove without using another magnetic item.

On the inside is an extra magnet that can connect to the lid of the Combat Compendium, where the available spots are conveniently marked by a little d20. The standard Combat Compendium has 9 spots on the lid, the XL Combat Compendium can hold a full set of 12 HP Trackers. The standard token box has space for 6 HP trackers, the XL token box can fit 12.

We'll match your HP Trackers with your chosen numbers/colours of non-player creature tokens with your Combat Compendium, for which the order matters. For example, say you've chosen the following colours for your creature tokens:

  • 1-6 (players): blue
  • 1-6 (enemies A): orange
  • 1-3 (enemies B): yellow
  • 1-3 (enemies C): lavender

If you choose a set of 6 HP trackers, we'll craft six orange HP trackers numbered 1-6. If you choose a set of 9 HP trackers, we'll also add three yellow HP trackers numbered 1-3. If you choose a full set of 12 HP trackers, we'll also add three lavender HP trackers numbered 1-3.


Looking for even more HP trackers? We also have an extra listing for sets of three HP trackers that also include matching creature/initiative tokens to make sure everything is complete.