Sewer Pack - Small

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A small pack of Sewer terrain, consisting of the following (sewer) pieces:

  • 8x Corner
  • 32x Wall
  • 24x Floor
  • 2x Wall with door slot, including two steel door inserts and one wooden door insert
  • 4x Drain
  • 32x Gutter (straight)
  • 8x Gutter (corner, outer)
  • 8x Gutter (corner, inner)
  • 2x Gutter (drain)
  • 8x Gutter (center)
  • 1x Bridge (Stone)
  • 2x Bridge (Steel)
  • 2x Ladder
  • 1x High Gutter Set

Total: 128 tiles + accessories.

The set has a 7% discount in comparison to buying the pieces separately and includes a little bag with a mix of various stones to scatter around in your sewers to represent filth (as depicted in the examples).

Each tile is 25mm by 25mm and has a small magnet in the bottom, so you can use a thin metal sheet or even a magnetic whiteboard as a base. 

Tiles are printed in black PLA+ with a rough surface, which makes dry brushing an absolute breeze, even without a primer. Please note that pieces printed in resin (grey) do require a primer.