Character Tracker - Compose-Your-Own Magnetic Tracker

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Estimated crafting time: ~1 week

Do you have an idea for a new part? Let us know and we might add it!

After our immensely popular magnetic Spell Slot Tracker, we decided to go a step further and designed a tracker which you can compose yourself. Aside from colours, you can pick the type of HP tracker on top (0-99 or 0-499), as well as two half-trackers.

Most of the half-trackers are fairly straightforward magnetic sliders, but the rotatable dial is slightly different; it can be removed and doubles as a 25mm token for on the board, and the outer ring can double as condition ring - ideal for for example Hunter's Mark!

Comes with a standard brown leather sleeve to keep the magnets in place outside of use. Size is roughly 64mm x 89mm x 5mm (like a 5mm thick poker card), and without its sleeve it fits in a Caster/Chronicler/Combat Compendium. Half-Tracker pricing differs depending on number of components and/or how many magnets are involved.