About "The Speechless Bard"

(Our little video reel we use on conventions to show visitors how we work!)

The Speechless Bard is the combined efforts of Lefty Games (the terrain work of Luuk) and the Gilded Archive (the leathercraft of Noor). Two makers and giant nerds who wanted to do nothing else but create and give away awesome TTRPG materials to deserving adventurers. 

But you can’t trade dicebags for groceries and the landlord doesn’t seem to ‘get it’. So both makers set up webshops as individual experiments, and after a year of running it turns out that yes, you actually can make a living building nerdy things! 

Did we mention Luuk and Noor are married?

In order to make things easier for everyone, the two successful workshops were combined in July 2020 to form The Speechless Bard shop; a website and convention hotspot for all the things that fall out of their maker fingers. The name comes from both their first D&D characters; a bard who couldn’t sing for Noor, and a speechless Kenku for Luuk. 

The idea for the shop is and always will be: makers for their community. Both artists have no intention to become big shot factory bosses. They enjoy doing insane commissions and custom requests the most. It is what drove them to their workshops in the first place. So The Speechless Bard will do its best to feel like a cozy place; a small store with two weird NPC shopkeepers. And if you find us at a convention, you’ll come to find that exact same vibe.