At which conventions can you find the Speechless Bard shop?

FACTS Spring - Gent, Belgium
2 - 3 April 2022

The final map for the weekend has finaly been released. You can find us near the centre of the main hall (not far from the big tree in the middle of the room). Good news; we're going for a little bit more room and we've requested to be closer to our good friends Jack of Dice for all your miniature and click-clack needs!

Elfia Haarzuilen - Haarzuilen, Netherlands
23 - 24 April 2022

It feels like we haven't been to castle Haarzuilen in decades due to the pandemic, so we're super excited to be back soon! With an open tent, loads of space and hopefully delightful music playing across the grounds all weekend long. We have confirmation that we can set up our shop at the 'Bizarre Bazaar' so stroll up and down in the sunny line of trees!


SPIEL 21 - Essen, Germany
6 - 9 October 2022

The smallest of our shops in the largest boardgame convention in the world! All sorts of magical games and new friends to meet from all over the planet!

FACTS Fall - Gent, Belgium
22 - 23 October 2022

Booked and scheduled, stay tuned for updates!