Caster Compendium FAQ & Guide!

Hello adventurers! On this page you'll find some basic information about the Caster Compendium and accompanying items, as well as a little guide for all the possible customization options.


Q: What exactly is the Caster Compendium?

A: The Caster Compendium, or CC, is a hand-made tool made for D&D to store spell cards and/or dice and track your used spell slots, as well as track things such as hit dice, sorcery points, rounds of concentration, etc. with the optional tracker dials. All in a compact, high quality, customizable hand-made item!

 Q: What is it made of?

A: The main components are real leather, PLA+ for the 3D-printed parts (base, pages & spell slot tracker), and a ton of magnets!

Q: Is there a vegan leather option?

A: Unfortunately not; we just haven't found the right type yet! Most vegan options are either too expensive, not durable enough, or give off poisonous vapours during engraving... 

Q: Are the tracker dials, or any of the other add-ons, available as well?

A: Yes! They are available separately, you can find them in the Caster Compendium collection once it's live. The Stand-Alone Spell Slot Tracker will come a bit later, we want to make them available in multiple colours this time and release them all in one go.

Q: Will there be other engraving designs available?

A: Absolutely! We're going to try and adapt some of our other designs to fit the smaller size of the Caster Compendium, though this will require time, so we can't really say when yet.

Q: They're sold out! Will they be back?

A: Yes! We aim to re-stock the slots on the 21st of each month, with the number of slots depending on what our upcoming month looks like (for example there will be fewer slots available when we have a big convention coming up). We can also reccommend subscribing to our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) so we can update you monthly on new designs, releases and changes!

Option Guide

Ok, let's face it; with this number of customization options, some might lose oversight of what they look for in their Caster Compendium. Here we'll try to guide you through the list of options. There are two different listings, one for the Caster Compendium (base price €75) and one specifically for the Caster Compendium with Galaxy Touched leather (base price €85).

  1. Size. We have three different options; Regular, Tarot (+€10) & Double (+€15). The Regular and Double are made to fit poker-sized cards such as the popular D&D Spell Cards or a couple sets of polyhedral dice. The Tarot-size fits, surprise surprise, Tarot-sized cards (70mm x 120mm) such as The Deck of Many cards by Hit Point Press! All versions of the Caster Compendium are thick enough to hold polyhedral dice instead.

    Side note for the Double size; the divider can be removed (stays in place using, you guessed it, magnets) so that the Caster Compendium can be better used as a dice tray! During use you can keep it in the spine, so you won't lose it :)

    How many cards/dice can they hold? The Regular fits up to ~50-55 unsleeved cards, or 2 full sets of polyhedral dice (with some room to spare). The Tarot fits roughly 45-50 unsleeved cards (tested with cards from The Deck Of Many, they're a bit thicker than the normal spell cards), or 3-4 sets of polyhedral dice. The Double is a bit thicker than the Regular and fits two stacks of ~60 unsleeved cards each, and each stack can be exchanged for 2-3 sets of polyhedral dice.

  2. Colour Leather. This is of course fixed with the Galaxy listing (black leather with hand painted clouds/stars), for the normal Caster Compendium you have the choice between brown, grey and red leather. Please keep in mind that engravings are often a bit harder to see with red and Galaxy leather!

  3. Faux Pages Size/Colour. For the pages we ask for both size and colour.

    The size is for if you plan to put either sleeved or unsleeved cards in your Caster Compendium - we try to keep their fit as tight as possible so that they cannot move around as much and will damage far less easily. If you're on the fence whether or not to sleeve your cards, going for a Sleeved option for the faux pages might be wiser as your cards will always fit (albeit with some extra wiggle room when storing unsleeved cards).

    The colour refers to the colour of the outer sides of the faux pages (i.e. the parts that are visible when the Caster Compendium is closed), the inner sides will be painted with the base colour (Clean). For the options you have Clean, Stained (Clean with some dirtying, making it look used/worn), and Gilded (a shiny gold!). 

    The top book has clean pages, the middle stained and the bottom gilded pages.

  4. Engraving. When you choose this optional upgrade we'll engrave one of our designs of your choice on both the front and spine of the Caster Compendium. At the moment you can choose between 16 different designs, but we might add more options in the future! Currently available are the twelve base D&D classes (5e) plus Artificer, a D20 design, a DM design, and our very own logo.

    We used a flat rate during the Kickstarter (+€9) to make it a bit easier, but now it'll be dependent on Caster Compendium size; +€8 for the Regular, +€9 for the Tarot, and +€12 for the Double.

  5. Personal Message. Another optional upgrade (+€10), in this case you can enter a personal message of up to 120 characters which we will engrave on the back. If you didn't opt for an engraving on the front we could relocate the message to the front of course (you can let us know by adding a note during the checkout process). We'll always send you a mock-up to confirm placement before we start production!

  6. Metallic Touch. The last optional upgrade (+€6); a touch of shiny paint! We use paint special-made for leather, so it's pretty damn durable! The Touch is a random pattern we create by hand, so every Touched version is unique. Note: this upgrade is not available for the Galaxy Caster Compendium, as it is already painted.

    If you opt to add some shine to your Caster Compendium, you can choose between Gold, Silver, Copper, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Ruby.

    An example of grey leather with the Emerald Touch.

    An example of brown leather with the Sapphire Touch

    An example of red leather with the Gold Touch

That's it for the Caster Compendium options! If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message at or on social media (Twitter, Instagram)!