Frequently Asked Questions

About The Speechless Bard:

  • Do you two really build all the items in your shop?
  • Yep! We 100% do! Every single item in the shop was designed, crafted and finished by either one of us. We work really hard so you better believe it!
  • Can you guys come to a convention near me?
    Since we live and work in the Netherlands, we visit many conventions in our home country and the ones neighbouring it. But as The Speechless Bard grows, so does our desire to visit conventions in the UK, Spain and America. So we're trying!
  • Can I visit the workshops?
  • Hecking heck, we don't have the time! We're either crafting, wrapping, or planning for conventions. But we'd love to say hi if you do run into us at a con!
  • I'm a crafter too! Can I be part of The Speechless Bard?
  • We're only half sure of what we are doing, and running two workshops is a bunch of work. We think we're much happier running our own shop on a small scale. But we love your enthusiasm; that's how we got started too!

    About leatherwork:

    Can I request a custom design for a book cover?
    Not yet. Due to the enormous amount of work (thanks to the success of the Gilded Archive) Noor is currently very busy with building orders, finishing planned designs and preparing for conventions. She hopes to open that option again soon!

  • Can I request custom colours for leather?
    Yes you can! Some leather colors like red and deep blue are more difficult to get a darker engraving out of, but Noor does try her best to find them. You can always email us to ask.

  • Is your leather cruelty free?
    All our leather materials are real and therefore, we feel like there is no real cruelty free option. But we do use 'left over' leather; hides that have been cut by larger crafters and cast aside. Also, we use every last bit of it. Our aim is to become as waste-free as possible.

  • Do you have any options for vegan leather?
    We are working on it! Vegan leather comes in many varieties. Polyester versions are out of the question because we'd rather keep plastic out of the workshop, and new versions such as mushroom leather are a too new and expensive for us to experiment on. Recycled leather would be a good option, but the textures of the new versions are very smooth and extremely dull. The texture of real leather is part of its charm for most fantasy TTRPG's and we find it difficult to leave that behind.

    About terrain work:

    Can I request a custom design for a terrain?

    Designing & testprinting 3D-models is a very time-consuming process and therefore quite expensive to do as one-offs, but you are absolutely welcome to suggest new parts for our terrain. In fact, that's how some of our terrain pieces and even entire sets came to life!

    I don't know where to find a larger metal plate to stick the magnetic terrain to; any suggestions?

    Of course we only sell the smaller plates for a reason; they're more convenient to store/ship and it allows the DM to prepare sections of the terrain beforehand and placing them on the table one by one. If you're keen on just filling the entire table in one go, your best bet is on getting a larger metal sheet from the local DIY store (make sure it's not stainless steel or aluminum though as they're not magnetic). A magnetic whiteboard does the trick as well, though keep in mind that whiteboards have an extra layer on top of the metal so the connection with the tiles might be a bit weaker!

    I have my own 3D printer; can I buy the digital models?

    Unfortunately, as actually printing our exclusive terrain is a big chunk of our income, selling the digital models is just too much of a risk. We are however looking into changing production method to injection molding, once we can make the jump we can make the production and end cost for customers much lower, making selling the 3D-models less of a risk. Injection molding requires a huge investment though, so keep an eye out for a Kickstarter project!