For those of you who want us to take some time away from the workshop to do videos, streams, post sketches and more; we have a Patreon! The Patreon allows us to plan this time; either we work on orders in the workshops or we are on break at home. The more Patrons we have, the easier it is to stop working for a day and take time to shoot and edit a video. We can’t burn the candle on two ends!

Noor tries to shoot a ‘one day build’ video every month while Luuk films his terrain painting techniques and teaches Noor how to do the same on camera. We also offer higher tiers for those who want sets of terrain sent to them every month. Oh and did you know that our Patrons have an hour earlier access to limited edition sales? And discuss their favourites on our Discord?

You can find our Patreon under the name The Speechless Bard!