Spellbook Kickstarter

Edit #3: We're working hard on fulfilling Kickstarter rewards, we expect to have the Caster Compendium available for commission in our shop by Summer 2021!


Edit #2: The Kickstarter has ended with well over 1300% funding! At the moment we're working out the BackerKit surveys and then we'll start crafting the rewards. 

Missed the Kickstarter? It'll be a while before we catch up, but we expect to add the Caster Compendium to our web shop for pre-orders around March/April 2021. Keep an eye open, or better yet follow us on social media!


Edit: The Kickstarter is live and already fully funded! Get your Caster Compendium at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/speechlessbard/caster-compendium

Link to video of the latest prototype on the bottom of this page!

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The Caster Compendium

While the working title has been the Spellbook, one of our Patreon members coined the name "Caster Compendium", and we think we'll stick to that name as it sounds awesome (thank you Ben/ZaionSolaris!).

The Caster Compendium is a small booklet meant to hold up to 50 of the official WotC Spellbook cards (D&D 5E), or alternatively two sets of dice. On the inside of the cover there is an integrated magnetic spell slot tracker, with the magnets satisfyingly snapping to the circles denoting the number of slots you have left per spell level.

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It is bound in hand-stitched leather and our illustrator Noor is working hard to make multiple designs to choose from to engrave on the cover & spine! Initially we'll have designs for each of the 12 classic D&D classes available, though we have some ideas for extra additions.

Another optional add-on are the extra tracker dials, these go from 0 to 20 (or 39 depending how you read it) so you can track whichever stat you prefer; Hit Dice, Sorcery Points, Ki Points, remaining rounds of concentration, spell duration, you name it! These dials handily snap to magnets above the spell slot tracker during play, and can be stored when the Caster Compendium is not in use by connecting with magnets in the spine. There is enough room for two trackers per booklet!

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The Kickstarter project

At the moment we're aiming to launch on August 14th, but we're relatively flexible about that; what's most important is that we get the quality to the maximum level before we launch. We'll announce the launch on this website, as well as on our Twitter, Instagram & Facebook feeds and the Reddit D&D page (/r/DnD, keep a lookout for our older account /u/Lefty-Games).


Latest prototype

A video demonstrating our latest prototype.