So, the shop is run by two people. What does that mean when these two go on vacation?

Even when your job is the best in the world, a break is healthy and needed to come up with new energy and ideas. But what does that mean for the webshop and your order? Hopefully we can answer all your questions here!

Is the shop closed when it says that Noor & Luuk are on vacation?

No, the shop is still open and everything is available for purchase. However, since everything is custom made, it will take longer than usual for your items to ship. As soon as both of us are back in the workshop the work will resume. The indivual item pages will give you an estimate of when they will be done, including the time that we are away.

What if I order something right before your vacation?

Depending on the amount of time your items take to craft, we will either be able to ship it right before or continue building right after our vacation. The individual estimations of when an item is done will continue to update in the week before our vacation starts, so check the item page before you order to know what you can expect.

Can I still email and expect an answer?

We are the worst at taking breaks, so it's very well possible that we will bring our laptops along and take a moment in between walks in the forests and playing board games to answer some. Don't worry; we are very proud of our shop and hope to make everybody happy, so we will be there for you as soon as we come back!

Oh no! I missed the notifications and now I ordered something that I wanted to have for a birthday (or any other deadline). Can I cancel?

Of course! We understand that you can get used to getting everything online really fast, and mistakes happen. This is one of the reasons we keep one eye on our inbox; email us and we can work it out.