Box Insert - 50mm/75mm Creature Tokens - KS

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A box insert for the Combat Compendium, including a set of six 50mm creature tokens and accompanying 75mm magnetic corner extenders. We'll match the numbers/colours with the first six non-player creature tokens you've chosen with your Combat Compendium*. Please note that the photographs show our prototype versions, the final product will be resin-printed in a colour matching the faux pages.

We strongly advise to only pick one box insert with a standard Combat Compendium, or a maximum of three box inserts with an XL Combat Compendium. Extra ones cannot be stored since Combat Compendia also come with a box insert for creature tokens / HP trackers.


For example, if you've chosen an XL Combat Compendium and picked the following colours for your creature tokens, 

  • 1-6 (players): blue
  • 1-9 (enemies A): orange
  • 1-3 (enemies B): beige

we'll send you six orange 50mm tokens, numbered 1-6.