Inn/Tavern Height Blocks

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Due to time issues, we decided to pull the painted option from all terrain. Terrain is now unpainted by default. Tiles are printed in black, painted terrain in the images is just for illustration!

Estimated crafting time: 2-4 weeks (depending on amount)

Four height blocks to use in combination with stairs tiles for longer stairs or with metal plates to raise an entire room! This set consists of:

  • 4 base height block tiles, with a magnet in the bottom as well as on top
  • 4 sets of resin printed woodwork (four vertical wooden beams)

Pieces are made with a combination of regular FDM (filament) 3D-printing and DLP (resin) 3D-printing, allowing for a high amount of detail but making production slightly more difficult. 

The full DIY version (Do It Yourself) still has the print supports attached to the printed resin pieces, in my experience it is easiest to prime and paint the pieces and then cut the supports off (using a precision knife or similar), after which they can be put together with the base tiles. A bit of superglue easily keeps everything together. 

Recommended working order: 

  1. Prime wood texture pieces
  2. Paint stairs base tiles
  3. Paint wood texture pieces
  4. Remove supports from the beams (twisting works well). Carefully scrape off excess material (if any) with a precision knife or a bit of sandpaper.
  5. Attach beams to the corners of the base tile with a drop of superglue (press tight). 

As with our dungeon/cavern terrain, there is a magnet embedded in the bottom of every tile, so you can use a thin metal sheet (like the ones in our "metal plates" section or one from your local DIY store) or a magnetic whiteboard as a base.