Limited Leather - Wave 1

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Our limited leather option for this wave - a textured dark brown with scale pattern! Add one of these to your cart (with the appropriate size selected) and we'll replace the leather choice for your Combat Compendium with this limited leather option.

A couple of notes:

  • While an engraving is possible, there is little contrast between engraved and non-engraved parts, and due to the pattern small details will probably be lost
  • The inside will be made with a dark brown non-textured leather
  • For a Standard-sized Combat Compendium, the row of larger scales will be vertical (as in the pictures), for an XL-sized Combat Compendium it will be horizontal to prevent full repetition of the pattern
  • Please make sure not to select Galaxy leather or a metallic touch with your Combat Compendium as we cannot apply it to this leather properly