Box Insert - Condition Markers

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A box insert for the Combat Compendium, including a set of 128 condition flags and 128 matching magnetic tabs. The flags can be put into the corners of our creature tokens so all players can see them, the magnetic tabs can be put underneath the initiative tracker tokens for your own overview. The set consist of 8 flags & tabs of the 14 standard D&D 5E conditions, as well as sets numbered 1-8 and A-H for other purposes* (such as "Hunter's Mark"). The magnetic lid keeps all the flags in place during transport and doubles as a legend. Please note that the photographs show our prototype versions, the final box will be resin-printed in a colour matching the faux pages.

We strongly advise to only pick one box insert with a standard Combat Compendium, or a maximum of three box inserts with an XL Combat Compendium. Extra ones cannot be stored since Combat Compendia also come with a box insert for creature tokens / HP trackers.


* We recommend writing them down on the notepad included with the Combat Compendium or making a "cheat sheet"-card with the fillable PDF included with the Kickstarter campaign. This card/note can then be held down between the magnets of the box/lid during storage.