Combat Compendium - XL (All-In)

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Estimated crafting time: 1-2 weeks

The XL Combat Compendium! Double the size to hold more tokens, a bigger initiative tracker and more add-ons. Includes magnetic legs, two custom-fitted notepads, a pen-holder in the spine, magnetic initiative tracker, a box insert with eighteen creature tokens and matching initiative tokens, and of course made to taste with your choice of colours for the tokens, leather, and pages.

This version has the "All-In" add-on, which includes the following:

  • XL size upgrade 
  • Cover/Spine engraving
  • Full set of 12 HP trackers (will match your colour/number choice of non-player tokens)
  • Box insert with six 50mm tokens and 75mm extenders (colour/number will match the first six non-player tokens*)
  • Box insert with condition markers


For example, if you've picked the following colours for your creature tokens, 

  • 1-6 (players): blue
  • 1-9 (enemies A): orange
  • 1-3 (enemies B): beige

we'll send you six orange 50mm tokens, numbered 1-6.