Custom Conjurer Scroll Commission (Slot 1)

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Estimated crafting time: ~1 week

Hunting for dragons can be a full time job, but since we also make other shiny items we need to keep it a once-a-month thing. A shame, we know!
In order to make you something unique without you waiting for that one perfect colour to come by in a limited edition option, we offer you the chance to commission us for a unique Conjurer Scroll to your liking.

We open up two slots for purchase every month, after which we contact you to ask you questions about what you are looking for. During our monthly hunting trip we will do our best to find a matching hide to build you the Conjurer Scroll of your dreams...

For the inside of the scroll, we will keep the options limited to a white or creme white leather, since this works best with the delicate engraving and is known to give excellent results when stitching it to another hide.

Dragon hides are incredibly difficult to find, so those are unfortunately out of the commission hunt. We do find plenty of glorious metallic hides or opaque options in all colours of the rainbow.

Do you have questions you want to ask us before you pick up a commission slot? Email our hunting party's captain at