Keychain - customizable

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If you want to carry your RPG character around with you every day, you can now do so in your own customized style!

Tell me your in-game race, class and alignment and choose two colours of leather to get it engraved on with a D20 (critical side up!). If you only select one of the three engraving options (Race, Class or Alignment), only the "Outside" choice of colour for the leather will be used. Choosing "none" for all three options will get you a keychain with just the D20!

Combine this with a strip of woolfelt in a complementing colour and let me get to work on a sturdy keychain that shows off your entire character! Because I make everything custom I can use your homebrew classes, races or swap out the alignment for nicknames. And don't forget to get one for your Dungeon Master, otherwise they might feel left out and roll against your favour...