The Core Collection - Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide and Monster Manual covers

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Estimated crafting time: ~2 weeks

The entire collection to cover all three core books for Dungeons & Dragons with a leather sleeve: The Vault, The Architect and The Bestiary.

By purchasing them as a collection, your Curator will choose one hide to cut all three books from. This will ensure that all covers match, while you still have the freedom to choose different colours for the stitching. Keep in mind that every hide is different, and while we try to keep the colours close you might get a different texture or darkness.

The Vault
A fully stocked weapon rack and all supplies an adventurer could ask for, but be careful; some of these items are magic...

The Architect
Created with all dungeon masters in mind, it contains maps, spells, dice, and coin to give out to deserving players. The D20 with the critical hits in the top and fails in the bottom are a favourite from the old design. And the map in the centre is designed by the amazing Deven Rue (find Deven Rue at

The Bestiary:
The book. The big book that every Dungeon Master keeps aside to make sure his player's have NO IDEA what he could unleash onto them. Feel the need to make it more intimidating? This cover will do that for you!