The Galaxy Chart - Dice Tray

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Estimated crafting time: ~1 week

When the world below is fully discovered, adventurers will look up and think 'I bet I can beat up a space whale'.

The Star Chart resembles a map of a star system with several space ports and routes through dangerous asteroid fields. Don't lose your way, adventurer...

UPDATE: due to stock issues we are currently unable to provide the Pastel Galaxy option. We hope to have it back in the shop soon. The Classic Galaxy (black leather) is still available.

Made with two layers of leather and a hidden layer inbetween to keep your precious dice rolls extra safe. The black leather is painted for every new order with a combination or pinks, purples, blues and teal, and finished with a sprinkling of silver stars. Choose soft grey or a second layer of Galaxy leather for the backside for a unique finish, or have the star painted with reflective gold.

Measurements flat: 26 x 16 cm
Measurements set up: 3 cm high