The Witch - D&D5E Book Sleeve

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What's the last thing you want to see when you walk back into your witchy home? Would it be the cauldron brewing all by itself? Plucking ingredients from the shelves, annoying your animal companions, knocking over your favourite broom?

This is our first design for a Pathfinder class, bringing in elements a witch might encounter in their game and roleplay. We hope to bring the Tripple Goddess symbol into the design with respect to the wiccan community.

This illustration is available in just the lineart version or the fully shaded version. Many small items will have one or two shaded parts to give them more depth.

Choose your own custom title to be engraved on the front or get our standard title. Customize your notebook further with choices for leather, metallic upgrades and stitching. Paintwork on the smoke and small items is also available.