Wide Polyhedral Dice bracelet - Fully customizable

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Estimated crafting time: ~1 week

We heard you. You need something that matches YOU.

Your D&D character, your dice, your painstakingly curated set of pencils to take notes. And it's not achievable by just choosing a leather liner from the regular Polyhedral Dice bracelet option.

Let us build you a completely unique bracelet! Choose a top layer for the leather and select something extra if you want (for example, a red leather with the golden shine of the Midas Touch). Then choose a leather liner that you can also upgrade (maybe a midnight blue with the silver Frost Touch, or perhaps a shiny golden Midas Touch?). Finish it up by choosing a colour for the stitching and a size, and let us go to work for you!

For our regular-sized bracelets we have the option to have a different colour for every dice cutout, that's a bit harder with this design but we're working on making it available!

This extra wide bracelet is 35mm wide and the snap is nickle-free.